31.12.2015: We'll be back with new songs in 2016!


26.07.2015: Great Live Review by Westfälische Nachrichten!


15.05.2015: Our gig section has experienced a cool update: we'll be rocking some more great festivals, and we'd be very pleased to meet you at one (or more) of them!


In case you haven't heard it yet: Werner has left us, but we'll keep on rocking as a four-piece band. The songwriting process has slowed down in the last few weeks, nevertheless three new songs are almost finished, another two are in the making and there's plenty of ideas for more. We're heading in a slightly different direction this time and we feel our new stuff will truly be worth the wait!


Meanwhile, we're going to tear down some stages so we're looking forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming shows!


23.01.2015: Werner had his last gig with us in Oldenburg - and it was a real blast! A big thank you to Saint Lilly, the Polyester staff and the howling crowd!


05.12.2014: We won many people's hearts and some cool bar hopping - THANK YOU, OSNABRÜCK!!!

Breaking News


Behold, there's a quick & dirty recording of a new song's rehearsal!

Next gigs:


04.11.: Bushfire, Cadillac, Oldenburg


18.11.: Dirtfeast, Dirty+Dancing, Osnabrück


25.11.: Lizardmen & Stagehands From Hell, Alter Schlachthof, Lingen




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